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Hello and welcome to the very easy to use calculator to convert Kilos To Pounds. On this site we’ve made a simple but fast and effective calculator to convert Kilograms to Pounds so you can make quick conversions and get on with your day.

We created this converter from the ground up so it’s very easy to use without any distractions. Most other calculators contain lots to click and change, this is different. You simply start typing your weight into the box in either Kilograms or Pounds, and then you’re instantly presented with a conversion into Pounds or Kilograms. It couldn’t be easier.

So what do most people use this site for? Many people use this site to convert for weight loss or diet requirements. Also, people often use this for the metric and imperial conversions when they found weights on websites in other countries – America for example.

If you’d like to use this site please do! If you’d like to help please link to us or post this on Facebook/Twitter and share it amongst your friends. Thanks for stopping by.

Convert Kilos To Pounds Converter & Convert Pounds To Kilos Converter

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Website checked and updated DAILY. 1 Kilos = 2.20462262 Pounds (lbs) (updated 27-05-2016)

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